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Cloud 9 (Wolke 9) in Omaruru

For years, Bwana has been talking about spending the evening of his life in Omaruru with friends, companions and comrades.

By 2012, the plans were well advanced when several city councils in Omaruru were subsequently suspended on suspicion of cheating in land sales. The town of Omaruru was then administered by the ministry in Windhoek, but everything of local importance was put on hold. Since March 2019, a city council has been in charge again in Omaruru. We sat down with them straight away, the red carpet was rolled out and we were able to enter phase 1 of this project.

Unit Types

The idea is a combination of the three elements: main house, a larger garage with additional storage space and a guest room which is a bit out of the way. This concept was developed by us in three years of research and consultation. All houses can be bought and combined individually.

You can find more information about the individual house types by clicking on the pictures

Development Process

You can follow the progress of the Cloud 9 Development here on this website.



Why Omaruru?

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